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Making Movies with iMovie HD
By Jim Heid
Feb 2, 2007
Best-selling author Jim Heid shows you just about everything you need to know to make movies in iMovie HD. By the end of this chapter, you'll have learned how to work with clips, add photos and audio to movies, create titles, dazzle with effects and transitions, and more.
Making the Most of Apple Mail
By Neale Monks
Jun 15, 2007
At first glance, Mail seems to be a simple e-mail client, but there is quite a lot of power beneath its Spartan exterior. In time-honored Apple fashion, though, you do have to root around a bit to really get the most out of Mail. Neale Monks shows you how to use Mail's filters to keep out more spam along with other useful Mail tricks that you’ll soon find yourself using all the time.
Managing the Mac Classroom: Tips for Teachers
By Ryan Faas
Jan 5, 2007
Many schools have invested in Macs in the classroom. As Macs and the Internet become more entwined with learning, teachers need to develop new techniques to manage computer and online use and then use these new tools effectively. Ryan Faas provides a series of suggestions for how teachers can use Macs to enhance learning based on his experience working with Macs in education.
Mastering Master Slides in Keynote 2 for Mac OS X
By Tom Negrino
Dec 1, 2005
The entire look of your presentation is dependent on the master slides, which are part of the presentation's theme. Master slides are templates for each of the different kinds of slides in your presentation. In this chapter, you'll learn about the different master slide types, as well as how to apply master slides to your presentation's slides and change master slides.
Move Files & Settings from Another PC
Feb 26, 2007
Move Files & Settings from Another PC to Your Windows Vista PC
By John Rizzo
May 4, 2007
John Rizzo shows just how easy Windows Vista's Easy Transfer utility is for transferring your files and settings, including Internet configurations, Windows system preferences, and application settings from your old Windows PC to your new Vista PC.
My Life, Your Life, Apple iLife '05
By Matthew David
Jul 22, 2005
With iLife '05, Apple bundles a suite of tools for the creative and the imaginative. If you want to flex your creative muscles, join Matthew David to see how iLife can work in your life.
Nail Down a Word 2003 Template with Document Information Fields
By Laurie Rowell
Oct 1, 2004
If you're building a Word 2003 template, fields automate the job. Laurie Rowell automates fields (or she at least shows you how to create them).
Office 2011 Secrets: Radio Buttons and Check Boxes for Excel
By Steve Schwartz
Nov 3, 2011
Not every Microsoft Office feature is well-documented—or documented at all. In this article, Microsoft Office guru Steve Schwartz reveals a hidden, undocumented feature of Excel 2011 for Mac and shows you how to put it to work in your own worksheets.
Office 2013, SkyDrive, and the Office Web Apps
By Steve Schwartz
May 20, 2013
Steve Schwartz shows you how to use Windows Live SkyDrive and Office Web Apps to do your Microsoft Office computing in the cloud.
Online Tax Issues
By Peter S. Carlisle
Feb 1, 2001
by Peter S. Carlisle, from Creating Stores on the Web, 2nd Edition, by Ben Sawyer, Dave Greely, and Joe Cataudella
Organizing Media in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
By Adobe Creative Team
Aug 3, 2013
Once you have some video and sound assets in your project, you’ll want to get on with looking through your footage and adding clips to a sequence. Before you do, it’s well worth spending a little time organizing the assets you have. Doing so can save you hours of hunting for things later.
Personalize Your Work Environment in Windows Vista
By Chris Fehily
May 5, 2008
In this sample chapter, excerpted from Microsoft Windows Vista: Visual QuickStart Guide, Second Edition, author Chris Fehily shows you step-by-step how to make yourself at home in Windows Vista.
Photos & Graphics: Selecting & Preparing Images for Your PowerPoint Presentation
By Richard Harrington, Scott Rekdal
Mar 30, 2007
Richard Harrington and Scott Rekdal explain all about prepping your images for your presentation, from choosing the best file format to resizing to getting images from other sources (like digital cameras).
Photos & Graphics: Selecting & Preparing Images for Your Presentation
Feb 19, 2007
Photoshop Author Matt Kloskowski’s Five Faves
By Matt Kloskowski
Apr 9, 2008
Everyone has favorites. We asked Matt Kloskowski, the education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals—and host of our Photoshop Reference Guide—about a few of his.
Podcasting Made Easy with GarageBand 3, iWeb, and .Mac
By Ryan Faas
Apr 14, 2006
If you're worried that podcasting seems too complicated, take heart. Apple's iLife '06 makes if fun and easy to put your voice out there. Find out how easy it is with this step-by-step guide from expert Ryan Faas.
Poor Leo's 2002 Computer Almanac — Daily Computing Tips
By Leo Laporte
Mar 22, 2002
Tips, tricks, and solutions to your computer problems. Leo Laporte, high-energy host of TechTV's Call for Help and The ScreenSavers, shares his wit and wisdom in this entertaining book for tech enthusiasts.
Presentation Zen: How to Craft a Presentation with Messages that Stick
By Garr Reynolds
Mar 1, 2012
What makes some presentations absolutely brilliant and others forgettable? If your goal is to create a presentation that is memorable, then you need to consider how you can craft messages that stick.
Quick Tips that Work with Any Office App
By Steve Sagman
May 1, 2001
from Microsoft Office 2000 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, by Steve Sagman

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