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ActionScripting for Designers: Controlling Audio
By James Gonzalez
Feb 23, 2007
In this article, James Gonzalez sets you up to practice creating and using some important ActionScript components including functions and Sound objects. You will learn how to create a custom sound object to control the volume of an audio file playing, not from a timeline, but from within the library.
ActionScripting for Designers: Creating Animated Pull-down Menus
By James Gonzalez
Jan 26, 2007
Continuing his series of articles on ActionScript for designers, James Gonzalez shows you how to combine several of the simple ActionScript techniques to create a semi-transparent, animated pull-down menu.
Add and Style Text
Dec 29, 2006
Add and Style Text
Nov 3, 2006
Add Email Notification to Your Blog with FeedBurner
By Maria Langer
Feb 9, 2007
Some of us don't want to fool around with RSS just to keep up with blogs we like. FeedBurner offers a cool option to get email notices when a site is updated with new content. Maria Langer shows how to add this free feature to your blog.
Add Tables
Jun 25, 2007
Adding a Watermark to Your Images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3
By Scott Kelby
Dec 14, 2010
One way to help limit unauthorized use of your images is to put a visible watermark on them. Beyond protecting your images, many photographers are using a visible watermark as branding and marketing for their studio. Here’s how to set yours up.
Adding an Artistic Border in Adobe Photoshop CS5
By Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas
Dec 6, 2010
Using options in the Refine Edge dialog, it’s incredibly easy to add artistic borders to an image. In this excerpt from Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas show you how.
Adding Footnotes in Adobe InDesign CS3
By Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner
Feb 15, 2009
While InDesign’s footnotes don’t do everything that one could possibly want in such a feature. they’re able to handle a broad range of footnote needs. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner show you how to work with footnotes.
Adding Form Fields in Adobe InDesign CC
By Adobe Creative Team
May 15, 2013
In this excerpt, learn how to add text fields, add radio buttons, add a combo box, add a description to a form field, set the tab order of the fields, and add a button to submit the form.
Adding Form Fields with Acrobat XI
By Adobe Creative Team
Oct 5, 2012
Learn how you can use the form tools in Acrobat XI to add form fields to any document.
Adding Graphics and Text in Flash MX
By Chrissy Rey
Jun 14, 2002
Flash provides multiple tools to let you precisely control the placement of elements, including rulers, guides, panels, and the Property inspector. In this lesson, you'll learn to use all of these.
Adding Graphics to Table Cells in Adobe InDesign CC (2015 release)
By Kelly Kordes Anton, John Cruise
Jun 19, 2015
Learn how to add photos or other graphics to table cells in this excerpt from Adobe InDesign CC Classroom in a Book (2015 release).
Adding Links to an Acrobat Page
By John Deubert
Apr 11, 2011
The most significant addition to how we read text in the modern era is the hyperlink. It’s easy to add these links to your own PDF document pages using Acrobat X. Author John Deubert shows how using PDF links can send the users to other pages in the document, view a web page, play a movie, and do any of a wide range of other activities.
Adding Motion to a Static Shot in Adobe Photoshop Elements 14
By John Evans, Katrin Straub
Nov 17, 2015
In this excerpt from Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Classroom in a Book, learn how to add dynamic-looking motion to your photograph.
Adding Photoshop Automation to Your Lightroom Workflow
By Scott Kelby
Nov 30, 2007
Here's a great timesaver from Scott Kelby: Create a sharpening action in Photoshop, save it as a droplet, and then use that droplet in Lightroom as an export action. Sound interesting? It is, and it's easy.
Adding Prefixes to Page Numbering in Generated Lists in FrameMaker
By Lisa Jahred
Sep 7, 2001
New Riders author and FrameMaker expert Lisa Jahred shows you how to add prefixes to page numbers referenced in the table of contents or index list. You also learn how to add a text prefix to page numbers in generated files.
Adding Signatures and Security in Adobe Acrobat 9
By Adobe Creative Team
Nov 5, 2008
In this step-by-step exercise, the Adobe Creative Team shows how to work with digital signatures, certification, and password protection in Acrobat 9 documents.
Adding Sound, Shockwave, and Flash Files
By J. Tarin Towers
May 25, 2001
Dreamweaver makes it easy to insert the code for multimedia objects such as audio, video, and animation onto your pages. This article, from Dreamweaver 3: Visual QuickStart Guide, shows how you can turn your web pages into multimedia showcases.
Adding Text to Your Print Layouts in Lightroom
By Scott Kelby
May 30, 2008
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a gorgeous print can be enhanced by including some text. Whether you want to print info about the photo, a romantic saying, or the name of your studio, Scott Kelby's got you covered.

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