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Recoding iWeb Sites Part 1: How to Combine iWeb Sites with Other Web Design Tools for Even Better Sites
May 19, 2006
Apple's iWeb makes creating polished Web pages incredibly easy because you never have to deal with the code. Unfortunately, that also means you can't add Web goodies to your site that require adding pieces of code directly to the page. Fortunately, modifying the code after publishing a site with iWeb is possible, and Ryan Faas fills you in on how to do it.
Podcasting Made Easy with GarageBand 3, iWeb, and .Mac
Apr 14, 2006
If you're worried that podcasting seems too complicated, take heart. Apple's iLife '06 makes if fun and easy to put your voice out there. Find out how easy it is with this step-by-step guide from expert Ryan Faas.
Customizing Your .Mac Homepage With iWeb
Apr 7, 2006
iWeb makes it easy to create polished Web sites in no time, but can you make a site that expresses your personality instead of looking exactly like Apple's templates? You bet, says Ryan Faas, and it's not hard, either.
Using iWeb to Make Great Homepages in Minutes
Mar 31, 2006
You've heard that Apple's iWeb is easy to use, and you've seen some great examples of iWeb sites. But can you really create those great sites in half an hour, even if you don't know anything about HTML and have never tried designed a Web page? Yes, you can. Ryan Faas takes you through the process step by step.
Entering Sales in Quickbooks Pro for Macintosh
Mar 24, 2006
Sales transactions are those that show an exchange of goods and services for payment or a promise to pay. Every successful business should record some kind of sales transaction—the more, the better! This chapter explains how to use QuickBooks to enter sales and estimates. It also explains how to monitor and adjust your customers' accounts receivable balances to ensure that you receive proper payment on a timely basis.
Designing the Obvious, Part 2: Knowing What to Build and Why
Mar 10, 2006
Why do software projects fail? In most cases, says Robert Hoekman, Jr., it's simply a matter of poor planning. If you don't have a firm grasp of who is going to use your product or site, and why, you'll succeed only by accident. He explains where you need to focus attention and effort to help your product or site live up to the organization's expectations.
Let Visio Map Your Web Site for You
Mar 10, 2006
Do you need a visual map of the pages on your Web site? Laurie Rowell explains how you can use Visio 2003 to create it in minutes.
How to use Apple's Remote Desktop For Presentation, Instruction, and Collaboration
Mar 3, 2006
Yes, Apple Remote Desktop offers more than just observation and management tools. Ryan Faas gives the skinny on how non-IT Mac users and professionals can use Remote Desktop's least-known features for teaching, presentations, and collaboration.
Use Apple Remote Desktop to Install and Update All Your Macs (Without Leaving Your Desk)
Feb 17, 2006
Deployments and rollouts can be a real hassle for administrators and technical staff because they often involve going to every workstation to install the new software or to change the configuration on each computer. In this second of three articles focusing on the often-overlooked capabilities of Apple Remote Desktop, Ryan Faas shows you how you can leverage Remote Desktop to take some of the pain out of software rollouts and workstation deployments.
Stop Counting Macs! Use Apple Remote Desktop And Never Do Inventory Again
Feb 10, 2006
You probably know that Apple Remote Desktop lets you observe and control Macs across your network, but did you know that it can also count, inventory, and keep track of them for you? In this first of three articles covering the often untapped possibilities of Remote Desktop, Ryan Faas shows you the ways you can use it to significantly improve inventory processes, monitor network performance, remain alert to changes in workstations that might be signs of theft, and prepare customized reports easily on the state of the Macs in your network in preparation for an upgrade.
MacWorld Expo '06: This Year's Biggest Hits
Jan 27, 2006
This year’s only MacWorld Expo was dominated by three things: Intel Macs long before anyone expected them to be shipping, an updated version of iLife, and sales of more iPods than anyone expected— and more iPod gadgets than you could shake a stick at. Author Ryan Faas gives you his take on the biggest news and trends to come out of the Moscone Center.
Creating a Data Entry Layout in FileMaker Pro
Jan 20, 2006
Sometimes, the default layout presented by Filemaker Pro will work just fine, but most of the time you'll want to do some customization. This chapter takes you step-by-step through the process of customizing a data entry layout in Filemaker Pro 8.
Creating a Newsletter Template in Apple iWork
Dec 1, 2005
In this chapter we'll begin building a template for the organization's newsletter. Using placeholder text and images we'll design a look and feel for the publication and create a file that can be used and easily modified each time we publish the newsletter.
Mastering Master Slides in Keynote 2 for Mac OS X
Dec 1, 2005
The entire look of your presentation is dependent on the master slides, which are part of the presentation's theme. Master slides are templates for each of the different kinds of slides in your presentation. In this chapter, you'll learn about the different master slide types, as well as how to apply master slides to your presentation's slides and change master slides.
Is Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer Good Enough to Take On Adobe Illustrator?
Oct 14, 2005
Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista promises a new era of rich, graphically engaging experiences. The new beta illustration tool, Expression Graphic Designer, will allow you to create content for Vista. What is interesting, however, is that Graphic Designer is being promoted as a serious professional tool that will compete against current tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks. Does Graphic Designer stand up against these power tools? Maybe.
Getting Power and Performance from Your Virtual PC
Sep 23, 2005
What are those icons on the bottom of the Virtual PC window? How can I make Windows run more efficiently on my Virtual PC? Is there any way to tune it? How do I exchange data between the iMac and the emulated PC? John Traenkenschuh has the answers.
Working with Word in Mac OS X
Sep 23, 2005
This chapter introduces the features specific to Word for the Mac, including tracking changes, editing tools, and print features.
Getting Familiar with Adobe Reader
Sep 2, 2005
Adobe Reader offers an overwhelming array of options. Luckily, Ted Padova offers his services as a guide through the thicket of choices in this sample chapter.
Building a Budget Worksheet in Excel
Aug 26, 2005
Need to start living on a budget, but overwhelmed by the complexity of it? Excel can help you get organized and stay on top of your finances. Find out how in this sample chapter.
My Life, Your Life, Apple iLife '05
Jul 22, 2005
With iLife '05, Apple bundles a suite of tools for the creative and the imaginative. If you want to flex your creative muscles, join Matthew David to see how iLife can work in your life.

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